Why Startly

Startly reduces the risk of project and program failure by aligning stakeholders into one cohesive team in a matter of hours.

73% of organizational projects fail with the majority being attributed to the misaligned expectations and decisions of stakeholders.  Startly delivers a precise level of knowledge and operational experience to enable stakeholder teams having them gel and make decisions that are best for the organization.


Areas of Focus

Executive Officers and Board Members

A truly aligned executive team is the single most important asset when navigating a change in the business enterprise.

Most executive teams generally agree their organization needs to move forward.  The risk occurs when multiple views are held on the specific destination, the same path and what to do when the bumps happen along the way.

With the leadership team sharing a path toward the same destination they will be enabled to support the change through the levels of supporting management.

Aligning an Executive Team

Executive Behavior and Decision Making Workshop
Lack of trust in other's intent, ability and capacity lead to group decisions made within politics instead of the business merit. An organization succeeds when the collective experience of a leadership team can relate and empathize with each other. Startly's leadership workshop provides a realistic business scenario in which participants engage in real processes and technology that enable aligned behavior and effective decision making.

Sales and Marketing Operations

Increase sales revenue and reduce the cost of sale by increasing your team’s understanding of how to better meet the needs of your market.

Sales is the process of understanding and meeting a market need.  Sales departments engage in simultaneous conversations with a marketplace that can either educate or confuse business decisions. 

Increase your organization’s ability to understand your market by enabling your sales managers to create and support effective communication systems.


Working Effectively with Delivery

Sales to Delivery Deisgn
Experience how the right behaviour, process and technology can help in understanding what the market is saying and how your team can respond to it. A day event combines your key sales system design and fulfilment and delivery people in a comprehensive study on how to meet internal demand.

Enterprise HR

Increase the synergy and efficiency of your management and staff by improving internal HR services

HR services are there to support staff within an organization.  Keeping track of employee requests and managing employee programs can be a time consuming and costly business even when its is configured effectively.  Most HR departments are not configured correctly and this introduces the risks and costs associated with low staff morale and high turnover.

Provide HR leadership and management with the “big picture” which will help them identify organizational and process quick wins that will reduce risk and lower costs.


Cross Functional Team Alignment

Meeting the needs of the group
An experiential workshop that explores current communication and alignment challenges within operational teams with the purpose of identifying quick synergistic wins.

Enterprise IT

Maximize the return of your organization’s IT investment by ensuring that projects and programs are aligned to the needs of the business.

Operations and infrastructure are there to help the business grow by functioning efficiently and effectively.  With hundreds of business services underpinned by even more supporting and interdependent technologies silos, it can be easily for IT management to lose track of the “big picture”.

Align your organizational by eliminating the behavior and decisions made by silo thinking within your senior and middle management.


The Service Management Experience

Designing IT Experiences
A workshop to explore and design an outside-in (customer centric) view of IT. The day session for 14 to 24 attendees ensures that each participant experiences the benefit of IT systems designed for the end users benefit.

IT Dev/Ops Workshop

Agile developing rapidly-changing resilient systems at scale
XXXX more content XXXXX is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.



"This experience was essential for our team to succeed in our enterprise ITSM project"

- Service Management Senior Director (150 staff)



"Our team benefited from this engagement and was able to convert the experience into a solid business transformation"

- Chief Financial Officer (5500 employees)



A Startly workshop can be facilitated in any large meeting room and requires very little set-up.

A meeting room with a digital projector is all that is required to completely immerse the participants in a realistic business/operations environment.

Participants are given roles in a pre-configured operational environment complete with the complexities and realism they face in their own world. The scenario is an engaging experience delivered in a “safe” environment where all are free to add their ideas to the workshop and no one is singled out.

The goal is to transform the participants as a group introducing concepts of operational maturity that will enable high value business decisions.

Workshops can be delivered over four (4), eight (8) hours and two (2) day durations.


Deliverables within the organization

  • Executive Team
    • Organizational strategy
    • Supporting enterprise vision
    • Creating a client centric organization
  • Director Level
  • Increased performance through best-applied practice.
  • Organization departments that support each other when serving the customer
  • Operational Management
    • Aligning system management to benefit the enterprise
    • Adopting a continuous improvement culture.
  • Staff
    • Alignment with operational expectations
    • Understanding the why behind what one does, not just the how


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